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Arthur K. Tripp

Website Implementation

During the day, I am a technical implementation specialist at a real estate marketing tech firm. I work with APIs and DNS settings and troubleshoot all kinds of website issues that keep me mentally limber. I love that I have the opportunity to learn and grow every day.

Computer Science

During my evenings, I'm pursuing a bachelor's of computer science. Oregon State University offers a post-baccalaureate option for working adults who would benefit from another degree, but who lack the formal education or experience to earn a master's. Part-time credit hours allow for some semblance of balance in life, and only core classes are required, so the timeline remains reasonable.

I'm learning Python now, and have gone through a few self-paced programs focused on Ruby, JS, HTML, and CSS. I recommend The Odin Project for any self-motivated individuals interested in web development.

This Website

This is a space that I can host things I've been working on, and somewhere to stretch out and try new things. I want everything to be done from scratch; someday I'll have a blog on here, which will be coded by my own hand. School projects, personal projects, photos, things that may not fit into an Instagram post.

Some of the things I put here will not have that perfect mirror finish. While I often hyperfixate on details, I think it's OK to share things that achieved their goals, without necessarily being a shelf-ready product. This is personal space, afterall, not a product.

I don't have a lot to put here yet, but check back soon. And thanks for following along!